Photo Gallery - Grounds

Aerial Photograph 2011

Aerial Photograph 2011

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This aerial photograph was taken in 2011. 

The photo shows the house and grounds. The two paddocks on the left are for the horses Bindy, Megan and Benn the Shetland pony. They also have use of a sandschool by the house.

The formal gardens are on the left of the drive between the house and the barn and stables.

The field to the fore has been changed from a horse paddock to  multi purpose usage.

In this area there is a pygmy goat enclosure, duck and hen enclosure, including pond and large runs for the rabbits and guinea pigs.

You can just make out the polytunnel hoops lying on the ground waiting to be put up, this was completed in summer 2011. To the right of the polytunnel is the reed bed.

You can also make out the  raised beds where we grow both fruit and vegetables.

Aerial photograph 2015

Aerial photograph 2015

Latest aerial photograph taken March 2015